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How do you reached to this article? I don’t know whatever the source. But I am a pretty sure that you come here to download Psiphon Pro mod APK.

In this article, we will cover everything related to your query Psiphon Pro Mod APK. So for proper information and user guidance you must read this article carefully.

These are the important topics that I am going to cover in this article:

  • What is Psiphon Pro Apk
  • How to use Psiphon Pro Apk
  • Psiphon Browser
  • Tunnel Whole Device
  • Why to use it?
  • Important features
App NamePsiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN
Size22 MB
Android4.0 and up
Available OnGoogle Play Store
Last Updated17-04-2021

What is Psiphon Pro APK?

In a democratic country everyone is independent but on the internet this is not true. You can’t access many of sites on the internet.

So for and its better solution Psiphon Pro APK has been made which gives you the freedom VPN of the Internet on your Android device. You can access any of the sites from anywhere.

Sometime people things that Psiphon Pro APK is a VPN app, but it is not restricted to VPN. It also provides you the additional feature.

How to use Psiphon Pro APK?

When this application was developed its first version was very difficult and complex to use it for the users. But nowadays it is very simple to use so, you are very lucky!

To use psiphon mod application then you need to:

  • Download Psiphon pro APK and
  • Install it in your phone

After that you will find only two options

  1. Psiphon Browser only
  2. Tunnel whole device

How to use these two options let me explain you in simple steps

Psiphon browser

  1. Open the main screen of application
  2. Click on launch button
  3. The Red P means your connection is not ready
  4. The Grey means your connection is successful and connecting
  5. Aaj it turns into blue then application will automatically start its own browser

Now it allows you to access the blocked sites. Also, you need not worry about because it doesn’t track your any search record.

Tunnel whole devicedevice

Basically this option is not supportive in below Android 5.0 devices. It means you need Android devices having 5.0 above version. You can use this option by simple steps given below:

  1. Go to the option
  2. Check tunnels whole device option
  3. Click start to laun

Now at this time you can use any Browser of your device and access any site.

Why to use Psiphon mod APK?

There is a lot of advantages of using Psiphon mod APK. If you are using only psiphon APK then its biggest disadvantage is that it makes your internet speed to slow which is a big problem.

But once you download Psiphon Mod APK then it will upgrade your internet speed and everything. There are many features of using this application.

If I start to explain you in detail one by one then it will take a long time. Some of its important features are below:

  • A secure browsing with VPN
  • Automatically optimised performance
  • Display the connection parameter
  • No registration is required
  • Web suffering more privately
  • Freedom to access any website
  • Does not track any browsing history


At last, I will say you to use this Psiphon Mod APK because this is one of the best application as there are many such alternative applications are also available but the user experiences of this application is superb.

I hope you are satisfied with this application and your quarries are solved after reading this article. If you like this article then do share with your friends and family members.

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