Dr Driving Mod Apk

Dr Driving Mod Apk

Dr Driving Mod APK is an awesome game to improve the driving skill at home by playing the game online and offline mode. Yes this is very true in the Dr Driving Mod APK everything looks like a virtual driving feeling. The game has a very beautiful background and it is well developed to improve driving skill. People still have questions that we can improve our driving skill by playing this game but it is very shocking, sometimes people with an old mind set are even offended by watching this type of game. Seriously, you are not such a kind of person and in fact you will love this game after seeing all the detailed information here.

Dr Driving Mod APK not only improves your driving skill but also helps you to increase your theoretical knowledge about car driving and because of it only you can get your driving license without any hesitation. Did you know nowadays making a driving license is also difficult because they are asking theoretical knowledge related to car driving in their test when you apply for a driving license. Nowadays, getting a driving license requires you first to pass the exam then you go for practical driving so in this way it is very clear that downloading and playing Dr Driving game ultimately benefits you.

What is Dr Driving Mod APK?

Dr Driving Mod APK is an iphone as well as Android game which will help you to learn driving skills by regularly playing Dr driving. It has well designed and beautiful 3D graphics with full responsiveness. This game has been developed by SUD Inc. and the first look was launched in 2013 and this game became very popular in a few years. Each and every control of the car has been created in this game. Once you play this game you will really enjoy it.

Doctor driving game has got 4.3 out of 5 rating with more than 10 crores download having 6200000 reviews. Dr Driving Mod APK is the premium version of Dr Driving available on Play Store that means if you download Dr Driving Mod APK from the given link then you are going to unlock all the features that contain in its premium app aren’t you!


  • Beautiful UI / Interface
  • Real driving experience
  • Full Control
  • Unique cars
  • Difficulty modes
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Online mode
  • Offline mode
  • Free to play
  • Safety
  • Unlimited resources
  • Driving guide

Simple and beautiful interface

The UI and interface of the Dr Driving mod apk is very simple and beautiful with animation and VFX that means you are going to feel the real experience of driving. The simple and beautiful interface of this game will ultimately help you to easily navigate all the options so don’t worry about that. The simple and beautiful interface attracts more users and this is the reason the people stay with the game for a long period.

Real Experience

This is very funny and interesting to note that while playing a Dr driving game you will feel the real experience of driving a car. This is because in this game the driving interface of the driver is so clear and similar to control that it looks like you are driving a real car on the road. Most people think that Dr Driving is a racing game but this is not true as while playing this game ultimately your driving skill is going to be improved.

Full Control

What does it refer to in Dr Driving Mod APK? While playing the doctor driving game you will get full control and access on the car. All the required tools of the car like brake, gear, seat belt, accelerator and steering everything you will get free with the full control in the Dr Driving Mod APK. You will have full control over the car so this gives the user more freedom to enjoy the driving car.

Unique cars

As you clear the driving level one by one you will get different and upgraded cars in Dr Driving Mod APK. There are a number of cars available in this game and you need not to pay anything in this Mod APK. Whatever the cars you will get in every level, they are the improved version of the previous driving car so you will not get bored because of driving only one car daily.

Difficulty modes

In the beginning you will find it a little difficult to clear the mission because in the beginning you have to learn driving properly and by practicing it properly you will master driving. Here you will get different difficulty modes as you clear the first level and in this way each level is different and difficult from your previous level.

Multiplayer mode

Multiplayer mode is an amazing feature in Dr Driving Mod APK because with the help of multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends but this can be done only in the online mode that means multiplayer Mod can’t be played in the on offline mode. This will help you as well your friends to clear the level fast and earn more and more trophies and coins.

Online and Offline mode

Dr Driving Mod APK includes both offline and online mode that means you need not to worry about your internet connection. You can play and improve your driving skills anywhere sitting in a corner by playing it in offline mode. Once you improve your driving skill then you can also play online with friends.

Free to play

The normal version of Dr Driving can be easily installed from the Google Play Store but this Dr Driving Mod APK can be downloaded from here with all the paid features unlocked free of cost and this is free to play in this mod apk right. This is the reason why most people ask for the Dr driving mod apk.

Safety and resources

Dr Driving Mod APK is fully safe and free from all kinds of viruses so you need not to worry about the download of Mod APK from here. Also in this Mod APK you will get unlimited resources to improve your driving skill. It means that you can change your car as per your choice, you can change the view or camera mod of the road and more such kinds of features.

How to install Dr driving mod apk?

To unlock all the features of Dr driving game then you have to install it in your smartphone by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Download the Dr driving Mod APK by clicking on the download button.

Step 2: Go to the File Manager of your device and look for .apk file.

Step 3: During installation, it will ask you to enable “Unknown Sources” so go to setting > Security then enable > Unknown Sources OK.

Step 4: Once you enable Unknown Sources then try again to install this application.

Step 5: Now open the Dr driving to start using it.

How to drive properly in Dr driving Mod APK

Yes this is a very genuine question. How will you drive properly in driving a Mod APK? What are the difficulties you are going to face in the beginning? It is very obvious that if you are driving the car in this game then it will take two – three days to understand the interface and navigation of this game. When you start driving the car you will get lots of turns in the road and you have to reach your final goal point which will show you in the upper corner with an arrow.

It is very careful to note that once you drive the car outside of the road or you crashed or you made any accident anywhere then your mission failed at that time only ok. Now what? If once you drive the car and get in an accident then you need to repair your car and this will require charges in the form of coins that you have earned. So it is recommended to you that during the driving of the car in this game don’t make so many accidents for fun because lots of people are doing it for fun and enjoying it for entertainment purpose only. Don’t make such mistakes otherwise you will not be able to improve your driving skill. Aren’t you!

How to get perfect turn

Perfect Turn in Dr driving Mod APK is still a dream for many players because it motivates you to drive and improve more.

  • But how will you get a perfect turn?
  • Why do you need to master the perfect turn?
  • What will happen if I get a perfect turn?

Let us answer and guide you. Do you know people make accidents during their turn only and the most difficult task while driving is “To turn the car” at the turning point of the road. If you want to achieve and learn to get a perfect turn then in the beginning start driving slowly and take slow turns and once you do that then practice more and more then after you increase the car speed and take a turn with a little more speed than the previous one. If you are able to do that then definitely you will earn a good turn award.

This is not so easy at the beginning but you can master it by practicing with your full dedication. Once you master this good turn then you will earn lots of awards like good turn, perfect turn, stunning turn and more. If you make lots of such turns then you will earn more and more coins and your score keeps increasing.

How to Get free gold coin

If anyone wants to earn a gold coin then you can easily purchase it with the help of real money but do you think that’s right. This is not a good practice so here we will tell you how to get a free gold coin in Dr Driving Mod APK. Yes this is true you can earn a free gold coin but how?

You can easily earn lots of gold coins by completing the mission in the multiplayer mode. This can be repeated again and again unless and until you don’t receive 1000 gold coins. Hey, you can also earn lots of gold coins by downloading some of the applications available in that application.


Is Dr driving like real driving?

Yes Dr driving will give the real feeling of driving the car.

Can we play Dr driving online?

Yes you can play it in online mode also with your opponents by enabling the multiplayer mode.

How can I play Dr driving on PC?

Dr driving game can be played on PC with the help of Bluestacks software.

Can I play Dr driving mod apk offline?

Yes you can play this game in offline mode.

Is installing Dr driving mod apk in a smartphone safe?

Yes this is absolutely safe and free from all kinds of viruses and hacks.

Can I download Dr driving mod apk from google play store?

No you can’t download Dr driving mod apk from google play store. From the play store you can download the normal version of Dr driving.

Is Dr driving and Dr driving mod apk the same?

No in Dr driving mod apk you get all the paid and premium features for free of cost.

What is the file size of Dr driving mod apk?

Dr driving mod apk is 12 MB downloading file size.


This is the complete and detailed information regarding the Dr driving mod apk and you might like this game very much. This game is very useful for those who want to master their driving skill or for the beginner who wants to learn driving by itself. Please note that Dr driving is a smartphone based game where you practice and learn the basics of driving so it doesn’t mean that after doing lots of practice on the device, you will start driving directly on the real road as this can cause fatal accidents.

This game has been developed for entertainment as well to learn the basics of driving so with the help of this driving game you can improve your driving skill with the right observation and this will also teach all the traffic rules and regulations.

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