CCleaner: Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, Booster

CCleaner: Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, Booster

Everyone need CCleaner but why? The answer is very simple as you reached in this blog article to download CCleaner.

Before downloading it once read this complete article why do you need CCleaner?

In today’s technical era people can’t live without their smartphones. We are so busy in our smartphones that a single work is an impossible without it.

Mostly our country youths are enjoying too many advantages from smartphones. Due to multitasking our phones become slow so for smoother functioning of phones we need CCleaner Application.

App NameCCleaner: Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, Booster
VersionVaries with device
Android4.1 and up
Available OnGoogle Play
Last Updated1 June 2021

What is CCleaner

If you know what is CCleaner then skip it and download this app. But if you don’t know then first we will understand what is CCleaner and how it works in your smartphone.

This is a pro cleaning app that keeps your Smartphones clean. Let us understand with a suitable example: For cleaning our houses and shops we use vacuum cleaner. In similar way to keep our android devices clean we will use CCleaner. This will help your smartphones and devices:

  • To Remove junk files
  • Reclaim space
  • Clean RAM
  • Guide your system
  • Safe and Secure browsing

Why to use CCleaner (Hidden Features)

I know many of you much more aware of this app but hidden features that you should know before using it. Previously this was made for only PCs. But nowadays this can be smoothly run in your smartphones so this is a professional application management for you.

Everything will be displayed in your application, only you need to find those things which you don’t like and then remove it.

One of its advantage of using CCleaner is that after using it you will find that your smartphone become faster.

How CCleaner Works in your Smartphones?

This application has smoother and Pro features that make your device so fast. Analysing capacity of this application is amazing. It finds out all the unnecessary things in your smartphone, and then remove it.

Some garbage content in your smartphone that need to be removed are:

  • An application Caches
  • Download folders
  • Browse history
  • Clipboard content and
  • Many more such things

These all unnecessary things you can from your phone without disturbing your operating system.

Download CCleaner & install in your Phone

If you come here to download CCleaner in your smartphone then this is very good decision. Because this application is best for your device. Just download it from this link and enjoy. If you have any problem then do follow dud steps:

Step-1 Download it from Google Play
Step-2 Open the Google Play
Step-3 install in your device
Step-4 Open CCleaner after installing
Step-5 Allow all the permission required
Step-6 This is almost done and click continue to enjoy the application.


I hope you have understood everything about CCleaner. If you liked this application then do share with friends and family. Never miss our other app do checkout and give your feedback.

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